About Me


Derek Feldman. Photographer.

Webster University graduate with a BFA in Photography under the School of Communications.

Published in Popular Photography Magazine, STL Magazine, and ALIVE Magazine.






Derek Feldman Photography
Derek Feldman Photography extends further than a simple photograph. It is an idea that those photographs connect all ways of life. Whether it be music, people, places, or things.

Between the Bars
What is Between the Bars? “Between the Bars” is open to any person’s interpretation. However within my personal photography Between the Bars is an ongoing interpretation and representation of music entertainment. I am a firm believer that music is romantically involved with 99% of people in this world. Every individual has a favorite song, artist, or style of music. What other way in photography can you involve yourself and relate with those people? With Between the Bars, I can mix my love for music with my love for photography.